Willow Marsh Fishery



Please contact us directly to book a match, all lakes are available for match bookings. Please see match rules below.


  1. You must use a separate net for F1s and silvers (anything under 3lb)
  2. Please observe net limits of 75lb per net. If you have over 85lb you will receive no weight for the net. Between 75-85lb you get marked back to 75ib.
  3. We are a dry net site please bring all nets to site dry. Please place your nets out behind you and put nets in 10 mins before the start after staff inspection.
  4. Please pick up all litter inc. nubs.
  5. No gardening at all. You are allowed to flatten reeds with a rod bag.
  6. Bait limits- up to 6 pints of pellets
  7. Upto 2 pints of maggots/castors (2 pints combined)
  8. 1/2kg of worms
  9. Up to 1kg/6 tins of corn (size we sell at the fishery)
  10. We do not tolerate rule bending or cheating of any kind. If you are caught doing so, you will be asked to leave.